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The Change Multiplier

Scale the rarefied heights of high-impact outcomes in managing change

Is this you?

Yours is the world of technology-centric business / operational transformation.

In this world, the gravitational pull of that one functional domain you are a master of keeps you somewhat anchored. Or, may be, you have been a bit of a grazer when it comes to functional domains, so have had to fall back on alternative anchors. Doesn’t matter, really, because functional domain is not what is foremost on your mind; not by a long chalk.

Let’s get more specific. Yours is the world of the complex interplay between technical change and people change underpinning a technology-centric business / operational transformation in an organisation.

What’s anchoring you?

It isn’t as though you are stepping into this world for the first time – you have inhabited it long enough to not have to worry about survival on a basic level any longer. You are broadly familiar with the terrain, and can move around without tripping over or falling into an abyss.

You not only understand the lingua franca, but are also no dud when it comes to that rather esoteric patois certain inhabitants seem to swear by.

There’s a particular currency that makes this world go around, and you certainly have picked up enough tools of the trade along the way to be able to eke out a living.

And yet, you are increasingly worried…

What’s bothering you?

You realise that this world is characterised by randomness and seemingly fickle goings-on that you have found somewhat hard to predict – and, alarmingly of late, harder still to navigate.

With time, the stakes have become much bigger; the expectations, a lot weightier. And navigate you must, or you risk losing first citizen status that you were so proud to have had bestowed upon – and what would become of you then, because this is the only world at work you have so painstakingly crafted!

Are you clutching at straws?

You are not one to sit idly by while you worry yourself sick. Oh no, you are anything but! Faced with a challenge, you have always taken action. Thing is, after seventeen books and twenty nine whitepapers on programme / project / change management, and a couple of classroom training courses leading to globally-recognised certifications, you are still having to ini-mini-miny-moe your way through decisions of any significance in your world.

Short of someone else doing the job for you, or giving it all up while booking yourself in for a six-month retreat in a spartan ashram nestled in the Himalayas, you do not know who or what would help…what you do know, though, is that you would kill for incisive, practical insights into knotty matters that typify your world.

If you identify with the above, The Change Multiplier can help!